Managing Power BI workspaces

Workspaces allow Power BI users to collect together datasets, reports, dashboards, dataflows and other Power BI objects and control access. As such the workspace is a central component in any Power BI deployment strategy. What is the best way to manage workspaces? The answer to that question (like so many others) is that it depends. In this session we will cover the most common ways to manage Power BI workspaces and try to uncover what method works best for different scenarios. We will try to touch on the whole lifecycle of the workspace from creation until deletion.

We will cover scenarios ranging everyone can create workspaces and manage them to automated workspace creation via a workflow which are managed by administrators.

What we will cover:

• Different ways to create workspaces
o Manual
 User can create workspaces
 Only certain users/groups can create workspaces
o Automatic
 Simple workflow without approval
 Complex workflow with multiple approvals
• Managing workspaces
o Manual
 User manages their own workspaces
 Admins manage all workspaces
 Hybrid of the above
o (Semi) Automatic
 Using APIs to manage certain aspect of workspaces
such as monitoring and deletion
• How workspace creation and management fits into the most
common content Lifecycle Management methods for Power

The audience will take away knowledge of different methods to manage workspaces and ideas on how to automate some aspects of it.

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Starts: 16:40 10th Mar 2022
Ends: 17:00 10th Mar 2022


Short Description
- This session will help you find the best strategy for managing your Power BI workspaces. Should you go for as much automation as possible or do careful manual process? Should you have few people controlling everything or should everyone do as they want? All this and more you will find in this session.

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AsgeirGunnarsson Administrating your Workspaces.pdf


Ásgeir Gunnarsson


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