Azure from Admin to Architect

There are over 200 services in Azure, which makes trying to learn the platform an overwhelming task for many IT professionals. While you may have built a virtual machine, or deployed an Azure SQL Database, have you thought about your network design or policies for tagging strategies? In this all-day session, you will dive well beyond your basic DBA tasks and into the role of an architect. You will learn about how security with Azure Active Directory works, and how to implement it in your applications. You will learn about how to choose the right data services for your application, and how to secure them. You will also learn about additional services, like Azure Key Vault, Azure Functions, Logic Apps and Automation, which help you to bring make different components interact with each other. This session will be demo filled and full of open Q&A.

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Starts: 09:00 9th Mar 2022
Ends: 17:00 9th Mar 2022


Short Description
- Are you struggling to wrap you head around the broad array of Azure services? In this session you will elevate your cloud skills and learn to think like an architect.
Should delegates bring a laptop with them?
- Yes
If so what Spec?
- Any--just for notetaking.
What software and licences do they need?
- None
What is the structure of the day?
- Introduction (10 min) Overview of General Azure Regions/Services (15 min) Overview of Data Platform Services (40 min) Introduction to Azure Governance (10 min) Break Tenant and Subscription Design (15 min) Role-based access control and security (30 min) Azure Active Directory (20 min) Azure Policy (20 min) Lunch Azure Networking (45 min) Load Balancing Network Security Web Application Firewall Azure Storage (40 min) Break Azure Active Directory Overview (30 min) Azure Key Vault (20 min) Azure Automation (20 min) Logic Apps and Functions (30 min)
What internet requirements do the delegates have?
- none
What will the delegates get out of the day?
- This session is designed specifically to elevate the cloud skills of a DBA or Developer and to start them on the track to being a cloud architect. While it is not specifically exam training, I wrote it with the Azure Architecture series in mind.
Other technologies
- Azure IaaS Virtual Networking Cloud Storage Cloud Goveranance


Joey D'Antoni
John Morehouse


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