Notebooks - standardized enterprise solution for better story telling.

In emergence of multiple platforms and languages, many T-SQL developers, Data Scientists, database administrators, and developers, find themselves at the cross-roads of several different languages, different IDE and across dozens of enterprise standards.
Project Jupyter (or simply Notebooks) has been slowly but generously embraced by SQL community, bringing easier security management, stepping closer to DevOps world and centralized deployments and inadvertently forcing developers, administrators, data engineers and data scientists to do the "bare minimum hygiene" documentation.

With open-source notebooks we will demonstrate how to create and share documents that contain not only narrative and story-telling but also live code, visualizations and predictive analytics, share it on-prem or in the cloud and bring together all the different roles and tasks.

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Starts: 12:00 10th Mar 2022
Ends: 12:50 10th Mar 2022


Short Description
- Delivering clear business supported decision is key element for good storytelling. Notebook and formatted text and code can help your organisation tidy up reporting, daily operational tasks and also cleaner data management.

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Tomaž Kaštrun


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