Azure Data Integration Pipelines - Advanced Design and Delivery

In this full day training data session, we'll quickly cover the fundamentals of data integration pipelines before going much deeper into our Azure resources. Within a typical Azure data platform solution for any enterprise grade data analytics or data science workload an umbrella resource is needed to trigger, monitor, and handle the control flow for transforming datasets, with the goal being actionable data insight. Those requirements are met by deploying Azure Data Integration pipelines, delivered using Azure Synapse Analytics or Azure Data Factory. In this session, I'll show you how to create rich dynamic data pipelines and apply these orchestration resources in production. Using scaled architecture design patterns, best practice, data mesh principals, and the latest metadata driven frameworks. We will take a deep dive into the services, considering how to build custom activities, complex pipelines and think about hierarchical design patterns for enterprise grade deployments. All this and more in a complete set of 12 modules (based on real world experience) we will take you through how to implement data integration pipelines in production and deliver advanced orchestration patterns.

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Starts: 09:00 9th Mar 2022
Ends: 17:00 9th Mar 2022


Short Description
- In this full day training data session, we'll quickly cover the fundamentals of data integration pipelines before going much deeper into our Azure resources.
Should delegates bring a laptop with them?
- Optional
If so what Spec?
- Typical developer worksation.
What software and licences do they need?
- Azure tenant access with a usable sandbox subscription. GitHub user account. VSCode. A modern web browser. PDF reader.
What is the structure of the day?
- • Module 1: Pipeline Fundamentals • Module 2: Integration Runtime Design Patterns • Module 3: Data Transformation • Module 4: Dynamic Pipelines • Module 5: Execution Parallelism • Module 6: Pipeline Extensibility • Module 7: VNet Integration • Module 8: Security • Module 9: Monitoring & Alerting • Module 10: CI/CD • Module 11: Solution Testing • Module 12: Final Thoughts
What internet requirements do the delegates have?
- None
What will the delegates get out of the day?
- An advanced look at using data integration pipelines in production and for highly scaled enterprise archtiectures.


Paul Andrew


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