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Keynote by the Community Details
"Cultivating the Catalogue" - Growing Data Governance with Azure PurviewDetails
$%*# I Learned Working for Denny CherryDetails
(Almost) all about Azure Arc - in 20 MinutesDetails
.NET development stack for Azure SQL: SqlClient 4.0 and EF Core 6Details
0 to an fully functional teams bot in 20 minutes!Details
10 Cool Things about SQL MI Details
10 Productivity tools in 20 minutesDetails
10 tips for a successful migration from Databricks and ADF to SynapseDetails
2 Fast 2 Furious - designing for speed, concurrency, and correctness (20 min edition)Details
3 things you don’t want to store in a database (but sometimes have to)Details
300-Level Guide to Career Internals: Planning Your CareerDetails
5 Power Automate flows that could give immediate value in your organizationDetails
6 Tips for Building Confidence as a Public SpeakerDetails
A Data Engineer's Guide to Azure SynapseDetails
A Day of Azure Data ExplorerDetails
AMA with the Microsoft Engineering team hosted by Bob WardDetails
About time: how to work with timeseries in AzureDetails
Achieving DevOps Nirvana: Automating Azure Data Platform Deployments with TerraformDetails
Advanced data modeling with Power BIDetails
Ambush Assassins: Secret killers of your Power BI performance and how to deal with themDetails
An Introduction to Azure SQL Edge: The Database Engine for the Internet of ThingsDetails
An Introduction to Lambda ArchitecturesDetails
An evening with Power BI CAT teamDetails
Analytics at scale with Power BI and Azure SynapseDetails
Analyze Billions of Rows of Data in Real-Time Using Azure Data ExplorerDetails
Analyzing Azure Monitor Log data in Azure Data StudioDetails
Apache NiFi 101: Introduction and Best PracticesDetails
Applying a Security Mindset to Lockdown Azure SQL DatabaseDetails
Architectural blueprints for the Modern Data WarehouseDetails
Asking questions to get meaningful answersDetails
AutoML: An Introduction To Get You StartedDetails
Automagic Tuning in SQL ServerDetails
Automate management tasks using elastic jobs in Azure SQL DatabaseDetails
Automate the deployment of Databricks components using TerraformDetails
Automate your DBA tasks with dbatools and dbachecksDetails
Azure Arc-enabled Data Services for the DBA/DeveloperDetails
Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI – More than just another kind of SQL ServerDetails
Azure Container Apps for Data EngineersDetails
Azure Data Engineer Skills for SuccessDetails
Azure Data Engineering services used to analyze dataDetails
Azure Data Factory - A deployment challengesDetails
Azure Data Factory, Azure Logic Apps and Power BI for everyoneDetails
Azure Data Integration Pipelines - Advanced Design and DeliveryDetails
Azure DevOps Release Pipelines for SQL Databases, Azure Data Factories, and Analysis ModelsDetails
Azure DevOps trioDetails
Azure Machine Learning for everyoneDetails
Azure SQL Database - A true story journey from migration, through synchronization and beyond.Details
Azure SQL Database customer success stories for IoT workloadsDetails
Azure SQL Network SecurityDetails
Azure SQL and SQL Server 2022: Intelligent Database FuturesDetails
Azure SQL availability and resiliency for non-stop applicationsDetails
Azure Synapse Analytics Pipelines: a 360-degree viewDetails
Azure from Admin to ArchitectDetails
BI Power HourDetails
Beginner's Guide to Data Integration using Azure Data Factory or Azure Synapse AnalyticsDetails
Benefits of Using Version Control In Database DevelopmentDetails
Beyond Buttons: More Than Meets The EyeDetails
Big Data Implementation in AWS Cloud through the lens of Security and PrivacyDetails
Big data analytics with Power BIDetails
Bits Buddy WelcomeDetails
Bits Buddy WelcomeDetails
Bits Buddy WelcomeDetails
Bits Buddy WelcomeDetails
Bits Buddy WelcomeDetails
Board Games EveningDetails
Brilliant Brains - Embracing NeurodiversityDetails
Bringing Data Lakes to your PurviewDetails
Bringing Power BI into the Dataverse (and bringing Dataverse into Power BI)Details
Build Serverless, Full Stack Applications Including IoT with Azure SQLDetails
Building a Consulting Practice - Services, Sales and MarketingDetails
Building a robust deployment pipeline in Power BI Details
Building and managing a Data Platform in AzureDetails
Building the Lakehouse Architecture with Azure Synapse AnalyticsDetails
Building your first Metadata Driven Azure Data FactoryDetails
Business Architecture and Power BIDetails
Community Catch upDetails
Community Catch upDetails
Community Catch upDetails
Community Catch upDetails
Complex access in Power BI with Row-Level SecurityDetails
Cosmos 101Details
Cost cutting strategies for Azure Cosmos DBDetails
Cracking Power BI Performance Tuning in a day!Details
Creating Room for All VoicesDetails
Creating Tables In Power Query And M Using #table()Details
Creating a Metadata Driven Orchestration Framework Using Azure Data Integration PipelinesDetails
Critical Communication - Managing Yourself and OthersDetails
Data Engineering the Hard Way: Developing Spark Applications on KubernetesDetails
Data Exposed Live | Azure SQL News UpdateDetails
Data Governance in a Nutshell – From Theory to Hands-On with Azure PurviewDetails
Data Governance with Azure Purview - Ask the ExpertsDetails
Data Governance with Azure Purview - Theory, Customer Insights and DemosDetails
Data Lakehouse, Data Mesh, and Data Fabric (the alphabet soup of data architectures)Details
Data Science and Analytics: Real-World Experience from Diverse voices in the fieldDetails
Database Projects 101 in ADSDetails
Database Reliability Engineering - the new DBA?Details
Dba toolset - Getting things done when the pressure is onDetails
Dealing with Bad Networks - The Availability ConundrumDetails
Dedicated SQL Pools : How some stuff 'really' worksDetails
Deep Inside Azure SQL High AvailabilityDetails
Demystifying Always Encrypted with secure enclavesDetails
Deploying SQL Server in the AWS Cloud with Amazon RDS for SQL ServerDetails
Designing Data Visualisations that can be understood "in the blink of an eye"Details
Developer Enhancements in SQL Server 2022Details
Different dimensions of monitoring and tuning performance for Azure SQLDetails
Digital Twins - The need for connected dataDetails
Digital detox yourself - be online whilst you're offlineDetails
Diversity Equality and Inclusion PanelDetails
Diversity at LunchtimeDetails
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Panel -- Navigating the StormDetails
Docker & Kubernetes for the Data ScientistDetails
Don't Bite Off More than You Can Chew - Take it in ChunksDetails
EDW Automation in Synapse SQL PoolsDetails
Embedding SQL security practices in your pipelinesDetails
Empowering every individual with Power BIDetails
Enabling teams with Power BIDetails
Ensuring visibility across the modern database landscapeDetails
Enterprise Row Level Security in SQL Server and Power BIDetails
Enterprise Scale Analytics - What's in it for meDetails
Enterprise and multi-tier Power BI deployments with Azure DevOps.Details
Erin & Monica’s Favorite SQL StuffDetails
Evolving your Power BI Architecture using Dataflows and Shared DatasetsDetails
Field Testing Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance SolutionDetails
Finding Problems and Stabilizing Performance with Query StoreDetails
Finding and Fixing T-SQL Anti-Patterns with ScriptDOMDetails
Five steps to create a data-driven cultureDetails
Five steps to create a data-driven cultureDetails
Flyway: An Evolution in Database DeploymentsDetails
Fragmentation Explained in 20 MinutesDetails
From 0 to DAXDetails
From Housekeeping to Data Engineer - My journey to find my passionDetails
From bank clerk to Microsoft MVP in 6 years - my journey!Details
Fundamentals of Stored ProceduresDetails
Gateways for On-prem and VNet ConnectivityDetails
Gathering Report RequirementsDetails
Get Microsoft Certified. This is what you need to knowDetails
Get there faster with Machine Learning in Azure SynapseDetails
Getting Started with Amazon RDS for SQL ServerDetails
Github and Azure DevOps Duet - SQLBits editionDetails
Handle Azure SQL Auditing with EaseDetails
Heathrow’s Data Transformation – How to rapidly build out a data engineering functionDetails
Here’s the execution plan … now what?Details
Hitting Top Speeds with Spark SQL in Azure SynapseDetails
How I Deal with DepressionDetails
How Managers Can Support Their Employee’s Mental HealthDetails
How To Use Azure Managed IdentitiesDetails
How to Build Secure, Scalable, and Highly Available Applications with Azure SQL DatabaseDetails
How to Choose an ML PlatformDetails
How to Run a Successful AI ProjectDetails
How to Troubleshoot SQL Server CPU ProblemsDetails
How to Unlock the Power of Trust to Build the Perfect Agile Team in Record TimeDetails
How to avoid the most common junior mistakesDetails
How to build HTAP workloads using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Synapse LinkDetails
How to build a data warehouse solution for your analytical workloadsDetails
How to model and partition data in a distributed NoSQL database for cloud scaleDetails
How to solve common data security requirementsDetails
Hunting for fraud with Benford's law in RDetails
Implementing a Data Quality Framework in PurviewDetails
Improve Power BI performance by optimizing DAXDetails
Intelligent Query ProcessingDetails
Intersectionality: The new Diversity, Inclusion and EqualityDetails
Introducing SQL Server 2022Details
Introducing Synapse Analytics Data Explorer poolsDetails
Introduction to Bicep for the Cloud DBADetails
Introduction to PowerShellDetails
Introduction to continuous integration and delivery with Azure DevOps (20 min edition)Details
Is HTAP the future?Details
Its PARTY nightDetails
Jamstack Foundations: Building Scalable API from the Ground UpDetails
Keeping your data fresh in Power BIDetails
Lake Database with Database Template and Mapping Data with Azure Synapse AnalyticsDetails
Latest News for Data SecurityDetails
Learn Database DevOps With RedgateDetails
Learn SQL through architectureDetails
Learn the alphabet in British Sign LanguageDetails
Learn the alphabet in British Sign LanguageDetails
Learning to Listen - Making the Most of MentoringDetails
Less Clicking, More Coding! Data Platform Development Using Infrastructure as CodeDetails
Less QQ, More PewPew in ITDetails
Lessons Learned: Implementing Azure Synapse Analytics in a Rapidly-Changing StartupDetails
Lessons in Lakehouse AutomationDetails
Lessons learned from managing Azure Data platforms! Put your data hat on!Details
Let's Talk Storage!Details
Let’s continue the "superpower" mental health panel discussionDetails
Leveraging Apache Spark for Efficient Data Encryption at ScaleDetails
Lightning Talk - FridayDetails
Lightning Talk - SaturdayDetails
Lightning talk - ThursdayDetails
Limiting permissions in Dynamic SQL with Execute AsDetails
Link feature for Managed InstanceDetails
Lipstick On a Pig - Remaking a Power BI Report in 20 MinutesDetails
Looking under the hood of the parquet formatDetails
Low-Code Data Preparation using Power Query DataflowsDetails
Lunch with the BuddiesDetails
Lunch with the BuddiesDetails
Machine Learning in Azure SynapseDetails
Machine Learning on the SQL Server PlatformDetails
Managing Power BI workspacesDetails
Mastering Parameter SniffingDetails
Maximise your personal finance to achieve financial freedom.Details
Maximising everyone's super powers - Panel discussionDetails
Meet SQL Server audit and compliance requirements for all instances across your enterpriseDetails
Meet SQL Server audit and compliance requirements for all your instances across your enterpriseDetails
Meet the Azure Data Community Advisory BoardDetails
Meet the Microsoft PG: Patrick LeBlanc, Power BIDetails
Meet the PG: Azure DataDetails
Meet the SQL Tools teamDetails
Meeting the Microsoft PG: Rie Merritt, MVP & Community Details
Meeting the Microsoft PG: Vicky Harp, MySQL and Everything ElseDetails
Microsoft Database Innovations: SQL Server, Azure SQL, open-source and beyondDetails
Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Deep Dive - Part 2Details
Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Deep Dive - Part 1Details
Microsoft's Hybrid Data StrategyDetails
Migrate SQL Server to Azure Details
Migrate databases easily with dbatoolsDetails
Migrate traditional DW transformations to Spark/ScalaDetails
Migration to Azure Customer Experiences & Best PracticesDetails
Migrations to Azure SQL made easyDetails
Mitigate performance problems using Query Store hintsDetails
Modern Infrastructure Fundamentals for SQL ServerDetails
Modern T-SQL for Better PerformanceDetails
Modern database design (anti)patternsDetails
Modernize your Oracle workloads to Azure DataDetails
Monitoring a growing database environment: insights for successDetails
Monster Data Loading with SynapseDetails
Moving away from One Model to rule them allDetails
My SQL and OSS on AzureDetails
Network Security & Connectivity features for SQL Data ServicesDetails
Networking unlocked for the Azure Data ServicesDetails
Non-traditional career pathsDetails
Notebooks - standardized enterprise solution for better story telling.Details
Notes from the Field: A Guide to Modern SQL Server Availability ArchitecturesDetails
One Size Does Not Fit AllDetails
Opening the Black Box - Machine Learning on AzureDetails
Optimisation in BusinessDetails
Optimising Power BI Reports for MobileDetails
Options for Proactively Managing Statistics in SQL ServerDetails
Overview of Azure Synapse AnalyticsDetails
PBI Premium Gen2 or: how I learned to stop worrying and love vertipaqDetails
Partitioning for BeginnersDetails
Patterns for Master Data Management in AzureDetails
Performance Tuning Power Query And Dataflows In Power BIDetails
Power BI - Zero To Dashboard Details
Power BI Administration and Governance training classDetails
Power BI Adoption Roadmap: A Whirlwind TourDetails
Power BI Calculation GroupsDetails
Power BI CharticulatorDetails
Power BI Composite and Advanced ModelsDetails
Power BI Development on SteroidsDetails
Power BI Governance: 6 steps to successDetails
Power BI Licensing in 20 MinutesDetails
Power BI Map Magic - Make amazing maps with Power BIDetails
Power BI Performance Analyzer crash courseDetails
Power BI Security and Governance Pitfalls and How to Avoid ThemDetails
Power BI bookmarks in 20 minutesDetails
Power BI data visualizations & storytellingDetails
Power BI dataflows? Why you need to implement it!Details
Power Platform Better Together: Create a Scoring App with a Live DashboardDetails
Practical Lakehouse implementation in the enterpriseDetails
Prep for Exam DP-420 and the Azure Cosmos DB Developer Specialty Microsoft CertificationDetails
Professional Azure DevOps for the real-worldDetails
Protect databases with Microsoft Defender for CloudDetails
Protecting data integrity with ledgerDetails
Quiz NightDetails
Real-world AI ArchitecturesDetails
Reporting on 1.4B rows with Serverless SQL PoolsDetails
Revitalise your LinkedIn profile and maximise your social presenceDetails
Roche's Maxim of Data TransformationDetails
Run Azure Data Services Anywhere with Azure Arc!Details
Run your SSIS packages in Azure Data FactoryDetails
SQL Assessment - Microsoft's Best Practices CheckerDetails
SQL Server 2022: The hybrid data platformDetails
SQL Server and Intel: Unlock Better SQL Performance and ScalabilityDetails
SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine ReimaginedDetails
SQL Server in Azure Virtual Machine – Configuring for price-performanceDetails
SQL Server on Linux, Containers and KubernetesDetails
SQL Storage Fundamentals for Azure VMsDetails
Scaling SQL for your Peak Database LoadDetails
Scaling applications on Azure SQL HyperscaleDetails
Secrets of Effective Time ManagementDetails
Selecting the correct Azure Data Solution for your applicationDetails
Self Service Data Access Provisioning With Azure PurviewDetails
Sensitivity labels - what do they look likeDetails
So you want to be a Data Engineer?Details
Spark for Data engineersDetails
Spring clean your data lake with Database Templates for Synapse AnalyticsDetails
Stop Doing Stupid $%^--How Not to Secure Your EnvironmentDetails
Storytelling With DataDetails
Synapse Data Flows - Will Citizen ETL Replace the Data Engineer?Details
Talk data to me: How to tell compelling stories to non-technical peopleDetails
Testing! We're Talking About (Unit) Testing!Details
The "Meta-verse" - Using metadata to build your pipelines in less than 20 minDetails
The Art of Storytelling in TechDetails
The Cloud Never Goes Down, Right?Details
The Day after Dashboard in a DayDetails
The Dream Team: Synapse Analytics Serverless SQL Pools and PipelinesDetails
The Evolution of Data Platform Architectures in Azure - Lambda, Kappa, Delta, Data MeshDetails
The Fundamentals of DAX ContextsDetails
The Hand-on Azure SQL Workshop Details
The Professional Performance Tuning BlueprintDetails
The SQL Server Performance Tasting MenuDetails
The Serverless Azure DatabaseDetails
The fundamentals of building a lakehouse with SynapseDetails
The modern Cloud Data Warehouse - Snowflake on AzureDetails
There is a time and a place for everythingDetails
Thriving as a Technical Leader - JumpstartDetails
Top Five Disasters we've dealt with in our time as DBAsDetails
Top Tips on Cracking a Database (and impressing your new employer)Details
Troubleshoot Real-World Scenarios with Extended EventsDetails
Troubleshoot and Triage Like a ProDetails
UI/UX in PowerBIDetails
Unified Data Governance with Azure PurviewDetails
Unified insights and staying ahead of performance issues all within a single view for Hybrid EnvDetails
Unified insights and staying ahead of performance issues all within a single view for Hybrid EnvDetails
Unleashing your personal superpowerDetails
User Group leaders meetingDetails
Using WorkloadTools to analyze your workloadDetails
VertiPaq Analyzer crash courseDetails
What I’m telling your developers about DevOpsDetails
What SQL Server database can tell us about application issues?Details
What is Azure Purview and Why Do I Need It?Details
What makes Databricks a powerful Machine Learning tool?Details
What they should have told me about being a DBADetails
What to tell your security team about Power BI?Details
What's New in Azure SQL MIDetails
What's new in SQL ToolsDetails
When to stop tuning a queryDetails
When you should avoid using bidirectional filters in Power BIDetails
Why You Need Query StoreDetails
Why is understanding Kubernetes important for your career as a Data Professional?Details
Why star schema is your best choice in Power BIDetails
Why you should care about Data Community and how the community cares about youDetails
Women in Tech: Keys to a Successful Career Panel DiscussionDetails
Womens Power Hour (in 50 minutes)Details
You CAN Run SQL at Scale in the Cloud!Details
Your Performance Tuning Check ListDetails
ksqlDB - The Real-Time Streaming DatabaseDetails

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