Sessions tagged as 'Platform Agnostic'

Data Governance in a Nutshell – From Theory to Hands-On with Azure Purview8th@09:00
Mastering Parameter Sniffing8th@09:00
Learn Database DevOps With Redgate9th@09:00
Ensuring visibility across the modern database landscape10th@10:10
One Size Does Not Fit All10th@11:30
Automagic Tuning in SQL Server10th@13:40
Microsoft's Hybrid Data Strategy10th@13:40
Developer Enhancements in SQL Server 202210th@14:10
Finding and Fixing T-SQL Anti-Patterns with ScriptDOM10th@14:10
Power BI Charticulator10th@14:10
Database Reliability Engineering - the new DBA?10th@15:20
ksqlDB - The Real-Time Streaming Database10th@15:20
Microsoft Database Innovations: SQL Server, Azure SQL, open-source and beyond10th@15:20
Data Engineering the Hard Way: Developing Spark Applications on Kubernetes10th@16:40
Five steps to create a data-driven culture10th@16:40
Migrate traditional DW transformations to Spark/Scala10th@17:10
3 things you don’t want to store in a database (but sometimes have to)11th@10:10
An Introduction to Lambda Architectures11th@11:30
Benefits of Using Version Control In Database Development11th@11:30
How to Choose an ML Platform11th@11:30
Protecting data integrity with ledger11th@13:40
Roche's Maxim of Data Transformation11th@13:40
Ambush Assassins: Secret killers of your Power BI performance and how to deal with them11th@14:10
Azure SQL and SQL Server 2022: Intelligent Database Futures11th@14:10
BI Power Hour11th@14:10
Data Exposed Live | Azure SQL News Update11th@14:10
Modern database design (anti)patterns11th@14:10
So you want to be a Data Engineer?11th@15:20
Fragmentation Explained in 20 Minutes11th@16:40
Demystifying Always Encrypted with secure enclaves11th@17:10
Designing Data Visualisations that can be understood "in the blink of an eye"11th@17:10
Fundamentals of Stored Procedures12th@08:00
Don't Bite Off More than You Can Chew - Take it in Chunks12th@09:30
Protect databases with Microsoft Defender for Cloud12th@09:30
Gathering Report Requirements12th@10:50
Less QQ, More PewPew in IT12th@10:50
Let's Talk Storage!12th@10:50
Limiting permissions in Dynamic SQL with Execute As12th@10:50
Stop Doing Stupid $%^--How Not to Secure Your Environment12th@10:50
What they should have told me about being a DBA12th@10:50
Data Science and Analytics: Real-World Experience from Diverse voices in the field12th@11:20
Five steps to create a data-driven culture12th@12:50
Is HTAP the future?12th@12:50
Optimisation in Business12th@12:50
Testing! We're Talking About (Unit) Testing!12th@12:50
What's new in SQL Tools12th@14:40
Using WorkloadTools to analyze your workload12th@15:50

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