Sessions tagged as 'On Premises'

Data Governance in a Nutshell – From Theory to Hands-On with Azure Purview8th@09:00
From 0 to DAX8th@09:00
Notes from the Field: A Guide to Modern SQL Server Availability Architectures8th@09:00
Spark for Data engineers8th@09:00
Automate your DBA tasks with dbatools and dbachecks9th@09:00
Cracking Power BI Performance Tuning in a day!9th@09:00
Finding Problems and Stabilizing Performance with Query Store9th@09:00
Improve Power BI performance by optimizing DAX9th@09:00
The Professional Performance Tuning Blueprint9th@09:00
Enterprise Row Level Security in SQL Server and Power BI10th@10:10
Partitioning for Beginners10th@10:10
Why star schema is your best choice in Power BI10th@10:10
Field Testing Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution10th@11:30
Why You Need Query Store10th@11:30
Database Projects 101 in ADS10th@12:00
Different dimensions of monitoring and tuning performance for Azure SQL10th@12:00
Introducing SQL Server 202210th@12:00
Migrate databases easily with dbatools10th@13:40
Options for Proactively Managing Statistics in SQL Server10th@13:40
Power BI Performance Analyzer crash course10th@13:40
Top Five Disasters we've dealt with in our time as DBAs10th@13:40
There is a time and a place for everything10th@14:10
Database Reliability Engineering - the new DBA?10th@15:20
Dealing with Bad Networks - The Availability Conundrum10th@16:40
VertiPaq Analyzer crash course10th@16:40
3 things you don’t want to store in a database (but sometimes have to)11th@10:10
Azure SQL Database - A true story journey from migration, through synchronization and beyond.11th@10:10
Deep Inside Azure SQL High Availability11th@10:10
Github and Azure DevOps Duet - SQLBits edition11th@10:10
Unified insights and staying ahead of performance issues all within a single view for Hybrid Env11th@10:10
Dba toolset - Getting things done when the pressure is on11th@11:30
Erin & Monica’s Favorite SQL Stuff11th@11:30
Lessons learned from managing Azure Data platforms! Put your data hat on!11th@11:30
Apache NiFi 101: Introduction and Best Practices11th@12:00
Embedding SQL security practices in your pipelines11th@12:00
Machine Learning on the SQL Server Platform11th@12:00
Meet SQL Server audit and compliance requirements for all instances across your enterprise11th@13:40
Roche's Maxim of Data Transformation11th@13:40
What SQL Server database can tell us about application issues?11th@13:40
Modern T-SQL for Better Performance11th@14:10
The SQL Server Performance Tasting Menu11th@14:10
Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI – More than just another kind of SQL Server11th@15:20
Here’s the execution plan … now what?11th@15:20
Lightning Talk - Friday11th@15:20
SQL Server 2022: The hybrid data platform11th@15:20
Your Performance Tuning Check List11th@15:20
2 Fast 2 Furious - designing for speed, concurrency, and correctness (20 min edition)11th@16:40
Troubleshoot Real-World Scenarios with Extended Events11th@16:40
When you should avoid using bidirectional filters in Power BI11th@16:40
SQL Server and Intel: Unlock Better SQL Performance and Scalability11th@17:10
What I’m telling your developers about DevOps11th@17:10
When to stop tuning a query11th@17:10
Why is understanding Kubernetes important for your career as a Data Professional?11th@17:10
Troubleshoot and Triage Like a Pro12th@08:00
Azure DevOps trio12th@09:30
Introduction to PowerShell12th@10:50
Meet SQL Server audit and compliance requirements for all your instances across your enterprise12th@11:20
Scaling SQL for your Peak Database Load12th@11:20
SQL Server on Linux, Containers and Kubernetes12th@11:20
Hunting for fraud with Benford's law in R12th@12:50
Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Deep Dive - Part 112th@13:20
Modern Infrastructure Fundamentals for SQL Server12th@13:20
SQL Assessment - Microsoft's Best Practices Checker12th@13:20
The Fundamentals of DAX Contexts12th@13:20
Intelligent Query Processing12th@14:40
Microsoft SQL Server 2022 Deep Dive - Part 212th@14:40
Run your SSIS packages in Azure Data Factory12th@15:50
Unified insights and staying ahead of performance issues all within a single view for Hybrid Env12th@15:50

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