Sessions tagged as 'Moving to the Cloud'

Data Governance in a Nutshell – From Theory to Hands-On with Azure Purview8th@09:00
From 0 to DAX8th@09:00
Notes from the Field: A Guide to Modern SQL Server Availability Architectures8th@09:00
Achieving DevOps Nirvana: Automating Azure Data Platform Deployments with Terraform9th@09:00
Azure from Admin to Architect9th@09:00
Cracking Power BI Performance Tuning in a day!9th@09:00
The Day after Dashboard in a Day9th@09:00
Enterprise Row Level Security in SQL Server and Power BI10th@10:10
Why star schema is your best choice in Power BI10th@10:10
One Size Does Not Fit All10th@11:30
The Serverless Azure Database10th@11:30
Different dimensions of monitoring and tuning performance for Azure SQL10th@12:00
Low-Code Data Preparation using Power Query Dataflows10th@12:00
Notebooks - standardized enterprise solution for better story telling.10th@12:00
Power BI Calculation Groups10th@13:40
There is a time and a place for everything10th@14:10
Database Reliability Engineering - the new DBA?10th@15:20
How to solve common data security requirements10th@15:20
Dealing with Bad Networks - The Availability Conundrum10th@16:40
Five steps to create a data-driven culture10th@16:40
Monitoring a growing database environment: insights for success10th@17:10
Azure SQL Database - A true story journey from migration, through synchronization and beyond.11th@10:10
Gateways for On-prem and VNet Connectivity11th@10:10
Unified insights and staying ahead of performance issues all within a single view for Hybrid Env11th@10:10
Apache NiFi 101: Introduction and Best Practices11th@12:00
Azure Arc-enabled SQL MI – More than just another kind of SQL Server11th@15:20
Power BI Composite and Advanced Models11th@15:20
The Cloud Never Goes Down, Right?11th@16:40
SQL Server and Intel: Unlock Better SQL Performance and Scalability11th@17:10
Building and managing a Data Platform in Azure12th@08:00
Migrations to Azure SQL made easy12th@08:00
Practical Lakehouse implementation in the enterprise12th@08:00
Troubleshoot and Triage Like a Pro12th@08:00
Beyond Buttons: More Than Meets The Eye12th@09:30
Less QQ, More PewPew in IT12th@10:50
Data Science and Analytics: Real-World Experience from Diverse voices in the field12th@11:20
Five steps to create a data-driven culture12th@12:50
Networking unlocked for the Azure Data Services12th@12:50
PBI Premium Gen2 or: how I learned to stop worrying and love vertipaq12th@12:50
Modern Infrastructure Fundamentals for SQL Server12th@13:20
Selecting the correct Azure Data Solution for your application12th@13:20
The modern Cloud Data Warehouse - Snowflake on Azure12th@13:20
Applying a Security Mindset to Lockdown Azure SQL Database12th@14:40
Run your SSIS packages in Azure Data Factory12th@15:50
Unified insights and staying ahead of performance issues all within a single view for Hybrid Env12th@15:50

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