Sessions tagged as 'Secure and Govern'

Data Governance in a Nutshell – From Theory to Hands-On with Azure Purview8th@09:00
Achieving DevOps Nirvana: Automating Azure Data Platform Deployments with Terraform9th@09:00
Automate your DBA tasks with dbatools and dbachecks9th@09:00
Azure from Admin to Architect9th@09:00
Learn Database DevOps With Redgate9th@09:00
Power BI Administration and Governance training class9th@09:00
Big Data Implementation in AWS Cloud through the lens of Security and Privacy10th@10:10
Enterprise Row Level Security in SQL Server and Power BI10th@10:10
Patterns for Master Data Management in Azure10th@12:00
Enterprise and multi-tier Power BI deployments with Azure DevOps.10th@15:20
How to solve common data security requirements10th@15:20
Bringing Data Lakes to your Purview10th@16:40
Managing Power BI workspaces10th@16:40
Power BI Adoption Roadmap: A Whirlwind Tour10th@16:40
Creating a Metadata Driven Orchestration Framework Using Azure Data Integration Pipelines10th@17:10
Power BI Security and Governance Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them11th@10:10
Leveraging Apache Spark for Efficient Data Encryption at Scale11th@11:30
Embedding SQL security practices in your pipelines11th@12:00
Unified Data Governance with Azure Purview11th@12:00
Meet SQL Server audit and compliance requirements for all instances across your enterprise11th@13:40
Protecting data integrity with ledger11th@13:40
Roche's Maxim of Data Transformation11th@13:40
Self Service Data Access Provisioning With Azure Purview11th@13:40
Data Governance with Azure Purview - Ask the Experts11th@14:10
Power BI Governance: 6 steps to success11th@15:20
Handle Azure SQL Auditing with Ease11th@16:40
How To Use Azure Managed Identities11th@16:40
Network Security & Connectivity features for SQL Data Services11th@16:40
"Cultivating the Catalogue" - Growing Data Governance with Azure Purview11th@17:10
Azure SQL Network Security11th@17:10
Demystifying Always Encrypted with secure enclaves11th@17:10
Practical Lakehouse implementation in the enterprise12th@08:00
Complex access in Power BI with Row-Level Security12th@09:30
Protect databases with Microsoft Defender for Cloud12th@09:30
What is Azure Purview and Why Do I Need It?12th@09:30
Sensitivity labels - what do they look like12th@10:50
Stop Doing Stupid $%^--How Not to Secure Your Environment12th@10:50
Data Governance with Azure Purview - Theory, Customer Insights and Demos12th@11:20
Meet SQL Server audit and compliance requirements for all your instances across your enterprise12th@11:20
Enterprise Scale Analytics - What's in it for me12th@13:20
Selecting the correct Azure Data Solution for your application12th@13:20
Applying a Security Mindset to Lockdown Azure SQL Database12th@14:40
Latest News for Data Security12th@14:40
What to tell your security team about Power BI?12th@15:50

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