Sessions tagged as 'Personal Success'

Critical Communication - Managing Yourself and Others8th@09:00
Thriving as a Technical Leader - Jumpstart9th@09:00
Maximise your personal finance to achieve financial freedom.10th@10:10
$%*# I Learned Working for Denny Cherry10th@11:30
Learning to Listen - Making the Most of Mentoring10th@11:30
300-Level Guide to Career Internals: Planning Your Career10th@12:00
Digital detox yourself - be online whilst you're offline10th@13:40
Top Five Disasters we've dealt with in our time as DBAs10th@13:40
From Housekeeping to Data Engineer - My journey to find my passion10th@14:10
Maximising everyone's super powers - Panel discussion10th@14:10
Secrets of Effective Time Management10th@14:10
Database Reliability Engineering - the new DBA?10th@15:20
Talk data to me: How to tell compelling stories to non-technical people10th@15:20
6 Tips for Building Confidence as a Public Speaker10th@16:40
Asking questions to get meaningful answers10th@16:40
From bank clerk to Microsoft MVP in 6 years - my journey!10th@16:40
Bringing Power BI into the Dataverse (and bringing Dataverse into Power BI)10th@17:10
How to Unlock the Power of Trust to Build the Perfect Agile Team in Record Time11th@10:10
Creating Room for All Voices11th@11:30
Why you should care about Data Community and how the community cares about you11th@11:30
Revitalise your LinkedIn profile and maximise your social presence11th@12:00
10 Productivity tools in 20 minutes11th@13:40
How to avoid the most common junior mistakes11th@13:40
Intersectionality: The new Diversity, Inclusion and Equality11th@13:40
Top Tips on Cracking a Database (and impressing your new employer)11th@13:40
5 Power Automate flows that could give immediate value in your organization11th@14:10
BI Power Hour11th@14:10
So you want to be a Data Engineer?11th@15:20
What I’m telling your developers about DevOps11th@17:10
Unleashing your personal superpower12th@08:00
What they should have told me about being a DBA12th@10:50
Data Science and Analytics: Real-World Experience from Diverse voices in the field12th@11:20
Azure Data Engineer Skills for Success12th@12:50
The Art of Storytelling in Tech12th@13:20
Women in Tech: Keys to a Successful Career Panel Discussion12th@14:40

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