What Makes Attending SQLBits So Worth It

SQLBits has been around for a while—15 years, in fact—and in that time we’ve become one of the biggest volunteer-run data platform conferences in the world. But bigger doesn’t mean better for all things; it’s easy to get away from one’s original mission and focus on the flashy aspects of larger conferences without delivering actual value.  

SQLBits was formed in 2007 by a group of volunteers who were passionate about SQL Server and wanted to provide much needed community driven education to the data community.  

We know you need more than just press releases about new tech. You want curated updates from experts in the field, and the ability to bounce ideas off your peers. 

Why We Created SQLBits 

Because there are a LOT of data innovations to keep track of 

Succeeding as a data professional isn’t just about adapting and integrating new tech. It’s also about helping your business (or your client’s business) get value from its data. You must partner with them and participate in setting its direction and goals. But with the sheer velocity of all Data Platform innovations and advancements, the data profession can feel like a gamble. The truth is that when you know more about what’s happening around you in this industry, you can place better bets not only with your career, but also in your role as a business partner.  

We think the primary value of joining us at SQLBits is a better understanding where the data industry has come from and where it’s headed next.   

You can never up-skill too much 

If you want to build a great data platform with cloud-ready applications and intuitive business analytics, your team needs the skills to develop and maintain it. We get that transforming your business through data technology adoption is hard. At SQLBits we help ensure data environments are managed, governed, and secured by developing your most important resource: your people.    

Connections are an advantage (and also pretty fun!)

Connecting with your fellow data pros is important, especially because so many of us work solo or in smaller teams. Not only do we all have a a pretty good time when we get together (seriously, just check out pictures from past events) but we also learn a lot of from each other. Everything from useful PowerShell scripts and upcoming career opportunities to just new people you can chat with when you want to blow off some steam. It’s all part of the SQLBits experience!  

In short, here’s why you should attend SQLBits: 

At SQLBits we help you understand the data platform and its connectiveness. We help you balance your data platform in its current state and for its future evolution. Wherever you are on the adoption curve—whether it’s cutting-edge services straight out of GA or a few years’ delay for modernization—we can give you the benefit of real-world experience.   

The SQLBits conference provides that real-world experience. For those adopting cutting-edge services, we connect you directly to those who build the products. You’ll learn from experts working directly with products in preview. If you’re optimising established products, our speakers and trainers have years of experience. We can’t make you a pro at everything, but we can help you understand where you need to focus, what the data land scape looks like today, and how to design your resume for tomorrow.  


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